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Sew In Extensions

Sew In Extensions are a new alternative to the former Extensions such as Tape-ins,Micro Beads, and Keratin Fused.

Sew Ins are a mixture of wefts of hair and beads.

Sew Ins are lower maintence, more comfortable,versatile in Up Styling, and more natural looking.

Consultations are required to decide if you are a candidate for Sew Ins and before booking an appointment for Sew Ins.

Check out the Home Care and Maintenance Guidelines

Already Have Sew In Extensions?


Below are Instructions for at home care and recommended Maintenance. These instructions are to ensure the best possible outcome for your new extensions.

  • Extensions can be cut, colored and styled just like normal hair. However, they cannot be lightened with bleach.

  • Maintenance Should be done every 6-8 weeks.

  • Wash and condition your extensions using a gentle and professional shampoo and conditioner. 

  • Use a professional leave in conditioner/oil to maintain moisture and shine .

  • Heat protectant should be used prior to blow-drying and styling with a hot tool.

  • Avoid brushing extensions when wet as much as possible as this is when they are in their most fragile state.

  • Brush and detangle your extensions every morning and night. Using a Wet Brush, start from the bottom and work up gently detangling. Gently brush over the base of the weft to help prevent matting.

  • It is important to wear hair in a low pony tail or braid while sleeping.

  • Avoid too much tension when wearing high styled pony tails. This can cause the beads to slip needing to come in for maintenance more often.

  • Ocean, Pool, and lake water can be very drying on extensions. Deep condition after swimming. Recommended that you get a conditioning service at your next visit.

  • Silk caps or pillow cases help with matting. They will help keep extensions smoother and softer.

  • Slipping of the corners of the extenions is normal as the hair above the ears is finer. If this happens make an appointment for a quick adjustment.

* Products needed for extensions are available for purchase at your appointment.

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